Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is great for determining the scale or priority of design problems, benchmarking the experience, or comparing different design alternatives in an experimental way.

With quantitative research, our focus is different. We collect UX metrics — Quantitative research methods are designed to collect numerical data that can be used to measure variables. Quantitative data is structured and statistical; its results are objective and conclusive. It uses a grounded theory method that relies on data collection that is systematically analyzed.

Quantitative research is a methodology that provides support when you need to draw general conclusions from your research and predict outcomes.

are a great tool for quantitative research as they are cost effective, flexible, and allow for researchers to collect data from a very large sample size.

4-minute video: Qualitative vs. Quantitative UX Research

Summary: Qualitative and quantitative methods both have their place in user research, but they address different issues in the UX design process. Understand the differences to pick the right method to learn what you need.