Duration (months)


Health insurance required
Income minumum
Income tax liability

The Cambodian government is not very clear on its rules and regulations and things seem to change regularly. 

As a result, groups have popped up to keep track of the latest situation.  I recommend the Cambodia Visa and Work Permit Facebook group as a good source of information on changes with regard to digital nomad visas, general visas, and work permits.


There are a couple of visas in Cambodia that digital nomads and freelancers can get to live and work in the country.  With both of these visas, you would initially get an “E-Ordinary” visa on arrival at the airport or border crossing.  Note that there is a tourist visa and an E-Ordinary Visa.  Both of these are valid for 30 days but the tourist visa cannot be extended.  The E-Ordinary visa costs $35 dollars and if you have this visa you can apply for other visas afterward.

6-month, multiple-entry “EG” visa

The EG Visa will give you an additional 6 months in Cambodia and is meant for people who are coming to Cambodia to look for work locally.  Toward the end of your 30 days on the E-Ordinary visa, you can apply for the 6-month EG visa at a travel agency in Cambodia.  It takes about 5 days to process so leave yourself enough time to make sure that you do not overstay your E-Ordinary visa.   You need to provide your passport and a letter stating that you would like to stay in Cambodia to look for work.

This is a multiple-entry visa and cannot be renewed.  If you want to stay longer you need to look at other options such as the EB visa below.  Some freelancers have been able to get another EG visa doing visa runs. They have left Cambodia and when they come back in have repeated this process of getting an E-Ordinary visa and then a second EG Visa.


6-month to 1 Year Multiple Entry “EB” Business Visa

This visa used to be easy to get and was perfect for freelancers and digital nomads. Specifically, you didn’t have to show any formal work or business documentation. It is a multiple-entry visa and can get renewed over and over again.   Unfortunately at the end of 2017, Cambodia tightened the rules to make it only for those who can get a letter of employment from a local company.

If you are working locally then you apply for a work permit online here (https://fwcms.mlvt.gov.kh/) It costs $100 per year + $30 for online application + an agency fee if you use a third party (around $70).  You also need medical,  proof of residency such as a letter from your landlord.  If you are a freelancer or self-employed one way to get this visa is to find some freelance work locally and have that local business write the required letter.  Importantly, the letter would need to state that you are working for them as a freelancer.