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To work, travel, and enjoy e peaceful time on the island of Malta must be a dream. So if you are a freelancer searching for a place to stay while working remotely, you can apply for a Malta digital nomad visa.


Malta Digital Nomad Visa Conditions

You can apply for a Nomad visa if you fulfill the following requirements:

  • You are a citizen of a third country.
  • You have a monthly income of at least €2,700.
  • You are a partner of a company registered outside Malta; or
  • You are an employee for a company outside of Malta and have a contract with that company; or
  • You are a consultant and offer freelance or consulting any different services for citizens outside of Malta with whom you have a contract.

Can I Bring My Family Members With Me?

When applying for a Maltese digital nomad visa, you can bring the following family members with you:

  • Your spouse (husband or wife).
  • Your minor child.
  • A child who is dependent on you due to an illness or disability.
  • A child that is financially dependent on you.


Benefits of a Malta Nomad Visa

The benefits of living in Malta as a freelancer with a nomad visa include the following:

  • English is the primary language in Malta.
  • You can visit other Schengen countries while your digital nomad residence permit is valid.
  • While living in Malta, you will have easy access to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.
  • Malta is an island that is known for having very friendly citizens.
  • Malta as an island has beautiful beaches, cafes, and bars where you can have a wonderful time.
  • You can enjoy delicious dishes of seafood.
  • Malta has the perfect beach weather.
  • Malta is one of the places you can have access to 5G.

Taxes For a Digital Nomad in Malta

With a digital nomad visa, you do not need to pay taxes in Malta if you don’t have any income obtained from Malta. Additionally, if you have tax residency in your home country, you do not need to pay tax in Malta even if you live there for longer than 183 days per year.


Documents Required for a Malta Digital Nomad Visa

The documents required when applying for a Malta digital nomad visa are:

  • Valid passport. The passport must be valid with at least two blank pages. Copies of all passport pages, including blank pages, must be submitted.
  • Application form N1. This application applies if you want to apply for a nomad residence permit.
  • Application form N2. This application applies if you want to bring a family member to Malta.
  • Application form N4. This application is applicable if you want a General Data Protection Regulation EU/2016/679 (GDPR) Declaration Form.
  • A cover letter. The letter must include important details of your trip to Malta: the reason why you have chosen Malta as a freelancer, how long you plan to stay, where you plan to stay, etc.
  • Work contract. Proof that you’ll have stable income as a freelancer, work contracts describing your job position, etc.
  • CV. Ensure you update your CV with your latest job experiences and gather all previous training documents, certificates, etc.
  • Relationship status. Document proof if you are married (marriage certificate), in a relationship (rental agreement, joint bank account), etc.
  • Proof of accommodation. Provide proof that you have a place to stay in Malta, such as a rental agreement.
  • Bank statement. Your bank statement from the last six months. This document proves that you are financially stable and can finance yourself while staying in Malta.
  • Health insurance for digital nomadsHealth insurance must be valid when applying for a Nomad visa in Malta.
  • Health declaration. Medical documents proving that you are in good health condition.


How to Apply for a Maltese Nomad Visa?

Follow these steps when applying for a nomad visa in Malta.

  1. Gather and submit all the required documents.
  2. Submit the application online.
  3. Travel to Malta and collect your Nomad Residence Permit.

Gather the Required Documents for Malta Digital Nomad Visa

Missing documents are the main reason applications are refused, so make sure you do not miss any documents.

Submit the Application Online

You must submit the application at the Residency Malta Agency online via email at nomad.residencymalta@gov.mt. After sending the email, you must wait for an answer from the agency. If you receive a positive answer, the agency will invite you to Malta to continue with further steps on how to apply for a residence permit.

Travel to Malta and Collect Your Nomad Residence Permit

After you enter Malta and decide that you want to stay longer than six months, you can apply for a Nomad Residence Permit. You must apply for a residence permit in person at Identity Malta. To apply for a Nomad Residence Permit, you must have these additional documents:

  • A valid passport.
  • Valid health insurance.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Document proof that you have passed a background verification check.

residence permit will allow you to stay in Malta for one year. The residence permit can be extended if you still meet the same criteria from one year to three years.

How Long Can I Stay in Malta With a Digital Nomad Visa?

The duration of a Maltese nomad visa is one year, and it can be renewed if you continue to meet the requirements. You can extend your digital nomad visa before it expires at the Residency Malta Agency.