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There is a new visa for digital nomads available in Romania. As of December 21st, 2021, the country has officially announced the Romania digital nomad visa it has been working on for a long time.

This Romanian digital nomad visa was introduced in order to boost the economy of the country, particularly after the severe damage that Covid-19 caused.

The digital visa for Romania is available for all non-EU citizens. The government of Romania hopes to attract over 2,000 digital nomads annually through this visa.


Benefits of Working as a Digital Nomad in Romania

Digital nomads will have many benefits while working in Romania. Some of those benefits include the following:

  • Easy application process. You can apply for the Romania digital nomad visa at your local Romanian embassy or through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. The process is easy; you only have to prepare the required documents and submit them. Moreover, it will take between ten and fourteen days for your application to be approved.
  • Tax-free. Assuming that you have a tax residence in another country, the Romanian government will not charge you any income tax.
  • Well-developed internet infrastructure. Working remotely will be surprisingly easy for you as a digital nomad since Romania boasts the fastest internet connection in the region. The fixed internet speed is 241.35 Mbps, and for mobile connections, it is 61.70 Mbps.
  • A variety of coworking spaces. Romania has a variety of coworking places in different cities. The places are comfortable and suitable for digital nomads who enjoy the quietness and meeting new people.
  • Low cost of living. Romania is one of the countries in Europe with the lowest living costs. For a family of four, the estimated monthly costs are €1,700 without rent, and for a single person, the estimated monthly costs are €489.34 without rent. Some general prices include:
  • A meal in an inexpensive restaurant – €6.52
  • A meal for two people (mid-range restaurant, three-course) – €30.56
  • One-way ticket (local transport) – €0.51
  • Monthly pass – €16.30
  • Basic utilities per month (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage) for an 85m² apartment – €120.54
  • Internet per month – €7.91
  • Apartment (1 bedroom) in the city center – €349.99
  • Apartment (1 bedroom) outside the center – €249.86
  • Apartment (3 bedrooms)in the city center – €616.48
  • Apartment (3 bedrooms) outside the city center – €422.42


Requirements for Romania Digital Nomad Visa

The documents required to apply for a Romanian digital nomad visa are:

  • A valid passport.
  • Proof of accommodation. You can prove your accommodation with a rental agreement, a hotel booking, or a lease.
  • Valid health insurance. You need health insurance that covers all the costs during your travel and your stay in Romania and needs to cover at least €30,000.
  • Travel itinerary, such as a travel ticket. If you are driving there, you must submit your driver’s license and vehicle registration, and green card.
  • Certificate of a clean criminal record. You can get your clean criminal record at the local police department.
  • Proof of employment. To prove your employment, you need to submit your employment contract. You need to prove that you have been an employee or the owner of a company outside of Romania for at least three years.
  • Proof of the means of maintenance. You must have an average income of three times greater than the Romanian salary. Currently, their salary is €1,100; therefore, you must earn at least €3,300.
  • Proof or remote working. The proof can be an employment contract or any document that proves self-employment. The documents need to be original and accompanied by a Romanian translation.
  • A letter of intent. The letter should say what activities you will perform in Romania and the reason for your travelling there. The letter needs to be original and accompanied by a Romanian translation.
  • An apostilled or super legalized document issued by a specialized institution of the public administration certifying that the applicant has paid all taxes, duties, and other contributions and is not registered for tax fraud or evasion. The document needs to be original and accompanied by a Romanian translation.

Note: Each document must not exceed 2 MB, only Latin characters are allowed in the filename, and the files must be in the following formats: jpeg, jpg, tif, png, bmp, txt, rtf,  or pdf.


How to Apply for a Romania Digital Nomad Visa?

To apply for a Romanian digital nomad visa, you can use the  eVisa platform of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or apply physically at a Romanian embassy in your country. To apply online, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on the Romanian eVisa platformYou need to have a valid email address to create an account and then apply for the visa on the online website.
  2. Complete the checklist of the required documents. It is important to gather the necessary documents before applying for the digital nomad visa. The section “Requirements for Romania Digital Nomad Visa” will help you complete the checklist of the documents.
  3. Apply for the visa. The application can be done through the e-platform of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Click “apply” and fill it out with the required information.
  4. Finish the payment requirements. At the moment, there is no information about the application fees, but they will probably be low. The costs may change in the future. Therefore, make sure to check before applying.
  5. Wait for confirmation. The time it takes for a Romanian digital nomad visa to be approved and processed is between ten and fourteen working days.

Applying for a visa at your local Romanian embassy is similar. You have to book an appointment with the embassy, attend the appointment, and submit all the requirements. Then, complete the payment requirements and wait for approval.


How Long Can I Work in Romania as a Digital Nomad?

Romania’s digital nomad visa is valid for twelve months and can be renewed for another twelve months.

Processing Time For A Digital Nomad Visa in Romania

The time it takes for a Romanian digital nomad visa to be approved and processed is between ten and fourteen working days.

How Much Does the Romania Digital Nomad Visa Cost?

In the meantime, there is no information about the application fees, but they will likely be low. In the future, the fees might check. Hence, make sure you search for more information before applying.


Paying Taxes as a Digital Nomad in Romania

As opposed to Romanian citizens, digital nomads are not considered tax residents. Therefore, they will not be charged any Romanian taxes.

Romanian citizens are considered tax residents and are taxed on their worldwide income unless they have tax residence certificates that prove they are tax residents in a country that is included in the double tax treaty. Romania signed the double tax treaty with other countries in order to avoid it. In addition, the personal income tax rate is 10%, and there are no local income taxes.

Other taxes, such as value-added tax (VAT), have a rate of 19%, and there are no net wealth/worth, inheritance, estate, or gift taxes. Finally, Romania has a property tax which is divided into building and land taxes. The land tax rate depends on the rank of the area where the land is located, whereas the building tax is divided into residential and non-residential buildings.

  • Residential building – with a tax rate between 0.08% and 0.2%
  • Non-residential building – with a tax rate between 0.2% and 1.3%