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There are many advantages for digital nomads in Serbia, from affordability to safety and work-life balance. Located in Southeast Europe, it is a landlocked country bordering several EU countries.

Serbia is an excellent choice for starting your digital nomad career. If you don’t have a registered business yet, you can do it in Serbia and gain a long-term visa in exchange for it. Your life in Serbia will be very comfortable, especially if you make an income greater than $3500, a requirement for a long-term stay in Serbia.


Digital Nomad Hotspots

Serbia’s biggest digital nomad hotspot is Belgrade, but amazing cities for digital nomads are also Novi Sad and Niš, which feature many coworking places and affordable accommodation.

Belgrade has launched an initiative called BelgradeGetsDigital that aims to attract digital nomads to the city. You will find all the information about visas, networking events, and even some Serbian lessons there.

Serbia has evolved into a highly desirable remote-working location for long- and short-term visits. There are various reasons, including inexpensive living, fast internet, a vibrant startup sector, and many coworking spaces.


Cost of Living

The cost of living in Serbia is one of the most attractive factors for which digital nomads choose this country. Staying in Belgrade is more expensive than staying in smaller cities or suburbs. However, it is still very affordable and is comparable to cities in the US with a population of about 200,000 or less.

One-bedroom apartments in Belgrade range from $250-$700, with the average cost for an apartment in the city center being around $500. But if you rent an apartment outside of Belgrade, you will pay for one-bedroom apartments on average between $200-$300 per month.

Dining out is less expensive than you would expect in a US city, with market prices comparable to the US. Eating in an inexpensive restaurant will cost $5-$15 per meal, while the coffee is $1-$3.

Utilities are about $100 per month, while internet plans range from $15-$30 per month. On average, a single person will spend around $500 monthly, without rent, while a family of four will pay $2000.


Documents required to apply for the digital nomad visa in Serbia

  • Application form for the Serbia digital nomad visa: download a pdf here.
  • Copy of a valid passport.
  • Insurance – you can obtain insurance from any insurance company in Serbia, or check out this link for international insurance companies.
  • Two passport-size photos.
  • The landlord information: a photo of the landlord’s ID, a document or contract signed by them attesting to the fact that they rent to you, proof that they own the property you’re renting.
  • Personal bank account in Serbia with dinars deposited. You must have an official stamped letter from the bank certifying your account and the amount deposited. If you’re applying for a sole proprietorship visa, you’ll need to create a business account and complete the same steps.
  • Proof of residency must be obtained from the police station within 48 hours of arrival. It’s also known as the “white card.”
  • Proof of sufficient income: $3500 per month for at least the last six months.
  • Since there is a difference between Temporary Resident Visa and Sole Proprietorship Visa, the following is what else you have to submit for each visa.


Temporary Resident Visa:

A personal bank account deposit of three months’ worth of salary is required. However, many people can get away with depositing 50,000-60,000 dinars (about 430-500 EUR or $450-$530), which is around two months’ worth.

To submit your application with the needed documents, you must pay a tax of 12,690 dinars (110 EUR or $116).


Sole Proprietorship Visa:

A business bank account deposit of one month’s worth of income–roughly 30,000 dinars–is required (260 EUR or $272). Remember that this visa requires you to create personal and corporate bank accounts.

Register the sole proprietorship, which you can do online.

Register with the tax authorities within 15 days of opening your sole proprietorship (registration tax is 1550 RSD or around 15 EUR or USD).

To submit your application with the needed documents, you must pay a tax of 18,575 dinars (160 EUR or $170).

The Serbian National Employment Service charges 12,610 dinars for a work permit (about 110 EUR or $116), which you must also pay and submit with the visa application.


How much does it cost?

Those who apply for a Temporary Residence Permit will pay around $640 (610 EUR), which includes a visa fee of approximately $110 (110 EUR) and a deposit in a Serbian bank account of roughly $521 (500 EUR).

For Sole Proprietorship Visa registration fee is around $16 (15 EUR), and you also have to open a Serbian bank account and deposit approximately $270 (260 EUR). Aside from that, you are paying the visa application fee of $173 (160 EUR) and The Serbian National Employment Service fee of $116 (110 EUR). The total is approximately $575 (545 EUR).

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