Design Brief

This brief is completely fictional. This article offers a more in-depth explanation of each of the steps outlined below.

Table of Content

🏢 Company introduction

We're Social.co, and our mission is to streamline the way brands and influencers interact with social media. We're a one-stop-shop for anything social media for both brands and influencers alike. We're looking to design a mobile version for the web app we already have, and audit the web version as well.

What we do:

  • Help brands establish themselves on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube through content suggestions, analytics and endorsements;
  • Help influencers find deals and partnership proposals;

The problem we solve:

  • Nowadays, most brands have recognized the potential social media has. However, the overwhelming majority of brands tend to get very little engagement for a variety of reasons. We aim to change that.
  • Additionally, social media managers currently have to work with a variety of tools for link tracking, scheduling posts, gauging analytics and a variety of different things. We'll provide everything necessary in one place.

Who we're building the product for:

  • Social media managers in SMB's and large businesses;
  • Influencers within different niches.
  • Business owners who want to monitor their business's performance on social media.

✅ Scope & Acceptance criteria

Designing the mobile version

You can find the web version here. Feel free to log in under the sandbox credentials and have a look around: Login: test1 Password: test2345

Generally speaking, we have about 4 highly complex screens, 13 screens of medium complexity, and 38 simple ones.

The final deliverable should include:

  • Complete high-fidelity mobile design in Figma;
  • A functioning prototype for screens with complex interactions;
  • A design system for the mobile elements;

Here are the must-have features for the v1. mobile version launch:

  • Log in sequence;
  • Password recovery;
  • Performance dashboard (for both brands & influencers);
  • Post scheduling;
  • In-app messaging;
  • Partnership deal marketplace;


Aside from the mobile version, we also need to audit the web version. As a result of an audit, we're looking for a list of prioritized usability issues, suggestions as to how to fix them, and new tweaked designs.

🎯 Goals & Objectives

As a result of having a revamped web version, we're looking to boost:

  • Fewer support requests;
  • Higher retention;
  • More plan upgrades;
  • Having more influencers join the platform.

As for the web version, we're looking to expand the user base, increase the in-app time, and increase the average number of deals per influencer.

👥 Competitors

Direct competitors:

  • Social Board (We have similar features. However, on top of that, we're also offering partnerships with influencers;
  • Bidalgo (They have a larger focus on ads, while we're helping more with organic posts)
  • Competitor 3
  • Competitor 4

Indirect competitors:

  • Agora Pulse (we're offering a significantly larger number of features, and cater for larger businesses)
  • Competitor 2
  • Competitor 3

👫 Target Audience

There are three main user archetypes:

  • Social media manager of an SMB or an enterprise.
    • Currently, social media managers struggle with integrating a variety of tools they use.
    • They mostly care about maintaining the performance of their organic posts and ads;
  • Business Owner / senior SMB or enterprise manager;
    • Business owners prioritize being able to easily gauge the campaign's performance;
    • For those owners, who manage multiple social media managers, it's also important to see the performance of each team member.
  • Influencers
    • Influencers care about having a centralized place with offers that match their niche.
    • Another important thing is decreasing the time it takes to strike a deal with a brand.

We've gathered these observations through a series of user interviews.

📄 What's been done so far

  • Currently, we have a launched web version that has about 340 brand users (about 270 brands in total) and 72 influencers.
  • We can also provide you with the insights uncovered during our user research activities.
  • We have all design assets for the web version in Figma, which includes the wireframes;
  • We have rudimentary user flows and wireframes for the mobile version;
  • We've installed a variety of performance tracking software such as hotjar and fullstory.

⌛️ Timeline & budget


We're looking to have the first mobile version complete by March 1, 2022. The audit is expected to be complete by January 1, 2023. Depending on the changes the web version will require, we can estimate the timeline for design changes as well.


Currently, we're looking to allocate about USD 60.000 for the whole design.

👣 Next Steps

Please let us know whether the information provided here is sufficient to formulate an estimate. If so, please let us know the potential budget and timeframe. Otherwise, please inform us on what you'd like us to elaborate on.