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Client template

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Overview of the process

e.g. A UX Audit is a systematic review of the user experience of a product or service. It aims to identify any problems or issues that may be hindering the user's ability to effectively use and enjoy the product or service.

This report assessed over 200 established best practices and guidelines to ensure that the UX meets basic industry standards and follows appropriate usability practices.


(A summary of the key findings and recommendations from the evaluation)

e.g The website has a well-organized layout that is suitable for various device screen densities and allows for easy printing of data pages. The main messages, features, and functions are prominently displayed and the layout effectively guides the user towards their next actions. The website has a consistent structure and follows a grid system for aligning elements. Users are given clear suggestions and expectations for their actions and the "Getting Started" tips can be easily declined. Advanced settings are not immediately visible to first-time visitors and each page has a descriptive title. Commonly used elements are consistently placed throughout the website.

Additional insights

(Any additional insights or observations that were gathered during the evaluation process)

e.g. Based on the information provided, it seems that the website in question has a well-organized and consistent layout that is suitable for various devices and screen densities. The website also effectively communicates the main messages, features, and functions to users and provides clear suggestions for next steps and expected input where necessary.

Next steps

(A list of next steps or action items for addressing the identified issues and improving the usability of the product or website.)

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