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The website complies with the required local measurement format (e.g. metric or imperial system)
The site does not contain information that is insignificant, useless, or distracting
The content is up-to-date, i.e. no outdated news, blog posts, or information
There are no typos or misspellings on the website
The content is engaging and original
The content is summarized and has no unnecessary additions
The lists start with the most significant information at the top
The writing style is based on shorter sentences in the "active voice"
The website's overall layout is easy to follow and the content is concise and informative
There are no overcomplex wordings and messages which are confusing
Buttons and links' names begin with verbs and have clear and descriptive names
The website uses common terms and notions easily recognizable by the user
There is an overall consistency of terminology and visual standards with general web user experience
The phrases and jargon are consistent