Search (16)

Search is not over-designed and is not based on Boolean logic
The searched term is clearly displayed and can be edited on the results page when a new search is needed
Search gives understandable results which are helpful and listed in order of significance
The number of results is clearly visible on the page and is configurable
When no results are found, the search can be enhanced based on suggestions for improving the initial input
The website provides tips for optimal use of the search functionality
Advanced search options are available for the user to help customize their queries
The search engine does not return duplicate results in any form
The search field can fit common query lengths
The search engine covers the entire website, not a portion of it
The search bar is placed in the top right corner as the most common location
The user can easily see and understand the labels of the search field
There are helpful details for the documents shown on the results page (e.g. type, size, and date of creation)
The search queries are automatically checked for typos, grammar, and similar terminology
The search bar is presented as a box and an icon with the label "Search"
The search results are ordered into groups of categories