Research plan Template

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Mar 13, 2023 6:01 AM
Research Type

This is a template for a research plan, you can use this when research is requested to help you organise and plan out your research.

🤔 Problem statement

Describe the problem as received from the PM/User/Business.

Customer Promises (remove the ones you dont need)
  • Fill in your companies customer promises here
Business Goals (remove the ones you dont need)
  • Fill in your companies business goals here

🎯 Project goals

[insert the goals as provided to you during the kickoff]

Hypotheses, goals & research questions

🕵️ The plan

This is where you highlight the research phase briefly before going into details with regard to your research questions and methods. (before design vs after design etc)


Which methods will you use to answer these questions? Use the table below. Findings for each method can be added in separate pages (via linking for example).

Related question
[short code]
Method 1 (for example: Pendo/Analytics
What is the type of research? (Exploratory, evaluative or generative)
Which question will you answer with this method
Why have you chosen this method?

👭 The team

Who is involved in this researchproject?

Project Team

In this project, who is responsible for the following?

UX Research
Dev Lead

The user

Which users do you plan on contacting? Also decide here which user type will be used. You can link persona’s here to make it easier to determine the user.

User role(s)
Clinic Type(s)

Internal users

If you’re testing internally with PM’s/Devs/Designers etc mention them separately in this table. You can make it clear in this text why you're testing internally.

We are testing internally because
We will use internal test results to

🎁 Deliverables

After the research has been completed. We will deliver an outcome document with recommendations for further design/research/development. Other deliverables:

  • If you plan on making a persona/journey map/flowchart etc out of the results, now would be a good time to mention that.