We are a boutique design agency, working with startups and entrepreneurs to build visionary brands and experiences, from concept to scale.


Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.

Our approach is very simple: we define the problem and design the best possible solution. We join forces with our client’s team, by providing human-centered analysis, research, strategy, brand identity design, and user experience design to match their products and services with their target audience needs.

Sometimes size doesn't matter, we’ve worked for big and small alike. Brands that were struggling with recognition, startups in the early stages, SaaS companies, and market leaders. There’s love for them all. We build brands and products close to our hearts and put everything we’ve got into them, so the final products we deliver speak for themselves.

We lead, we advise, or we just build the thing, it depends on our clients and the role they want us to take in their projects.


Brand Identity Design

Our strategic understanding and creative insight combine to deliver inspiring ideas that create real brand purpose, meaning, and value where it matters most.

A brand’s identity is the visual expression of a brand that is communicated to the outside world, and includes its name, logotype or mark, communications, and visual appearance, and creates an emotional connection and reflects the brand positioning and desired image.

We help businesses create big ideas that inspire people and engage their clients. We invest time in getting to know a business from the inside out, to deliver a unique brand experience that allows them to connect seamlessly in today’s modern marketing mix.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Voice & Tone
  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • Print Design

The brand identity design process is comprised of six steps: It starts with an analysis of the business needs and ends with the application of the brand identity to several pieces of marketing communication.

Steps 1 and 2 are the research and analysis of the marketing situation with a document that defines the marketing strategy behind brand identity development.

Steps 3-6 are where the creative work is performed and involves exploration of the logomark and logotype. Refinements and selection of the most successful work is done at this point. Lastly, the final logo is selected and brand identity guidelines are created.

  • Review, Research & Analysis
    • Kick-off Meeting
    • Information Review
      • Market
      • Brand Partners
      • Competitors
      • Target Audience
    • Review Current Positioning
  • Define Strategy
    • Positioning
    • Brand Drivers
    • Creative Brief for Logo Development
  • Brand Identity Development
    • Naming
    • Exploration of Logotype & Mark
    • Presentation of Logos
  • Refinements and Contextual Applications
    • Refinements
    • Create Logo Extensions
    • 3D Product Imagery
  • Identity System & Guidelines
    • Exploration and Refine Logo Extensions
    • Presentations
    • Refinements
    • Pitch Deck
    • Guidelines Document
  • Logo Implementation and Launch Program
    • Develop Launch Strategy
    • Develop Launch Plan
    • Execute Tactics

An identity system and identity guideline manual allow for the consistent use of the brand’s identity through all consumer touch-points, allowing a brand to be easily recognized and gain awareness in the marketplace.


Our design process doesn’t play out in a linear order. We twist and turn through the design process, looping back and repeating some tasks in our work process. To design and develop a great brand, we need to understand who our client's customers are, in what context they will engage with their brand, and what needs they will be looking to meet.


Detailed guide:


User Experience Design

From concept validation to MVP creation, and the development of a scalable architecture for further project improvement, we provide a wide scope of design and development services. We invest time in bringing order to clients' requirements and understanding what we're about to design. This results in a simple and coherent product experience.


We are passionate about creating efficient human-computer interactions via universal design principles and the usage of best UX practices.

User experience design often boils down to creating products that are usable. But being focused on the How without understanding the Why and What of product, users will put us at risk of building a product people don't need. User-centered design isn't just a pair of buzzwords. It's an approach that increases the chances to make a great product.

  • Research, Discovery & Needs Analysis
    • Audit
    • Production and Resource Planning
    • Project Scope Documentation
    • Requirements Analysis
    • Target Audience Analysis
    • Competitor Analysis
    • User Interviews & Testing
  • Content Strategy & Information Architecture
    • User Flow Creation
    • Navigation Design
    • Content Creation and Management
    • Content Mapping
  • User Experience Strategy & Design
    • Persona Definition
    • User Story Creation
    • User Journey Design
    • Lo/Med/Hi-Fidelity Wireframe Design
    • User Interface Design


Our mission is to give you the design quality and service of a high-end agency – but without the hefty price-tag.