Accelerate your business in just 8 weeks with a visual identity, product design & website


01. Visual identity

We will create an awesome visual identity including logo design, palette, typography, iconography & visual system. We’ll then wrap it all up with a suite of assets & style guide.


02. Product & prototype

We’ll design your MVP product experience and prototype so you can show off your new shiny product. We’ll also create a component library for consistency and speed.


03. Website design & build

You’re going to need somewhere to send people right? We’ll design & build you an awesome landing page to market your product, and tell your users why you’re the best.


04. Marketing & pitch

We'll create a suite of marketing assets for social media channels and a pitch deck to impress investors with your startup.

Accelerator Pricing


Equity Investor Programme available

Supercharge your startup

Turn an idea into a killer brand and product design. Accelerate your startup in just 8 weeks with a visual identity, product design & website.

Visual identity

Guidelines & assets

Product Design (MVP)

Prototype & Design System

Website Design & Development

Equity Stake

Equity Investor Programme

On a case-by-case basis, we will reduce our accelerator price in return for an equity stake. This enables startups to achieve their success in the most cost-effective way.

Depending on valuation we'll reduce our price by the equivalent value of equity.

  • $10,000 cash + $5,000 in equity
  • $5,000 cash + $10,000 in equity