A table is an excellent way to show data for comparison and primarily numerical values. It raises questions about whether the table contains images, lists, headings, and other complex formatting on multiple lines.   The whole point of a table…

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Quotes are a great way to make the text and its rhythm more varied. Notes, tips, and callouts can also be great tools that stand out from the text with their background, size, and style.   Quotes can act as…

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Lists are suitable for providing related data in logical lines, often with markers or numbers. A list helps to variety the text and the content as a whole. Using lists with beautiful markers as standalone modules in the design is…

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Links are an essential part of web interfaces. They create internal and external navigation, help users get information, and perform actions. In other UI, such as applications, the role of links is insignificant; clickable areas and buttons are used instead.…

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When working with text, the designer’s main task is not to do any harm. It is better to prefer familiar and time-tested solutions, like black letters on a white background, than to complicate the design and put too much color,…

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Headings create the structure of the interface and text. They help guide and direct users’ attention and make the content more user-friendly, improving understanding of the information. Balance Balance and calm are essential in user interfaces. Large, contrasting headings don’t…

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Text exists everywhere. You'll find written pieces even in products specializing in visual content and not including long descriptions or articles. Typography is, therefore, an essential component of design.
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Grouping allows you to combine different content into single units of meaning. This adds logic to the design, making reading or scanning content consistent and coherent.   If the text is too separated from the heading and image, it becomes…

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Anchor points

One way to achieve balance in a composition is to use anchor points. They are located at the edges of a module or an entire layout and in the center of them. These points form the focus and attract the…

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Lines of force

Lines of force are an excellent way to build a solid and eye-catching layout based on vertical points of attraction. It can be several lines or even just one.   Lines of force provide focal points and control chaos, helping…

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