The Clock Of The Long Now Principles These are the principles that Danny Hillis used in the initial stages of designing a 10,000-Year Clock. These are generally good principles for designing anything to last a long time. Longevity: With occasional…

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Front-end Development I realized that in order to really know whether our work is any good, we need a higher level of principles that can be used as a measuring stick for implementing design. We need something that is removed…

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HTML5 HTML5 defines the fifth major revision of the core language of the World Wide Web, HTML. HTML Design Principles Compatibility Support existing content Degrade gracefully Do not reinvent the wheel Pave the cowpaths Evolution not revolution Utility Solve real…

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Principles for Independent Archives Goals for an independent archive Reduce the cost of using and acting on the evidence in the archive. Engage new people in the records. Preserve access to the evidence for as long as possible in as…

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Tim Berners-Lee Architectural and philosophical points These statements of architectural principle explain the thinking behind the specifications. These are personal notes by Tim Berners-Lee: they are not endorsed by W3C. They are aimed at the technical community, to explain reasons,…

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Introduction: Design Principles

Design principles are guidelines, biases, and design considerations that designers apply with discretion. Professionals from many disciplines—e.g., behavioral science, sociology, physics, and ergonomics—provided the foundation for design principles via their accumulated knowledge and experience.
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