Effort and Impact

An impact–effort matrix is a 2D visual that plots relative user value against implementation complexity. Variations of this matrix are used across various product-development approaches, including Six Sigma, design thinking, and Agile.
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You can not do everything; the product would be worse if you included everything. Thus, UX relies heavily on prioritization to determine what features add the most value relative to the resources needed to deliver them.
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Define Themes

UX Themes align across groups and stages, achieving a better understanding of the work done through their problems to solve and expected outcomes. They can help identify areas of collaboration when teams are working on overlapping user needs or when cross-workflows are needed, helping to unite stable counterparts, engineering, design, product, and research with a comprehensive approach to executing the category vision.
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Design Sprint

The Design Sprint is a time-constrained, five-phase process for validating new product ideas and design solutions through prototyping, user feedback, and iteration.
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Sketching is essential to the ideate section in user experience design methodology. It involves creating rough drawings and visual representations of ideas generated in the previous ideation stages. Designers translate abstract concepts and ideas into tangible, visual representations in this phase.
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Crazy Ideas

This phase encourages participants to generate unconventional and radical ideas that may seem impractical or unrealistic at first glance. The goal of this phase is to foster creativity, push boundaries, and inspire innovative solutions that may not have been considered otherwise.
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Dot Voting

An activity in which each individual in a group is given a number of dots that can be each assigned to an alternative which is part of a set of alternatives. By placing colored dots, participants in UX collaborative sessions individually vote on the importance of design ideas, features, usability findings, and anything else that requires prioritization.
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Brainstorming is a widely used framework in the design thinking process that encourages creative thinking and generates many ideas. It is a collaborative and iterative approach that involves stakeholders working together to solve a problem or develop innovative solutions.
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