Rhythm and variety

Rhythm and variety affect how engaging the content is for users. The more attractive the layout, the more likely users spend time exploring the site or using the interface.

Variety in the presentation of the content applies to any interface. A long, monotonous list on a mobile screen is not attractive to read, and users scroll through it. Mix uniformity with callouts, backgrounds, and unusual blocks that stand out is always better.

Sometimes, the rhythm doesn’t have to break the content itself. You can put callouts and images outside the layout to make the text more appealing, and the text can be read without interruption.

Callout with a small text or offsetting the image outside the text creates an exciting layout.


For long texts, it’s good to use the outset for images, media, quotes, and any other blocks that are different from the text. It also makes the text column more interesting, changes the rhythm, and doesn’t break the reading.

Going out of the layout gives a significant change of rhythm.


Generally speaking, any block with different parameters is a good technique and can be used in any interface. For example, a large quote or testimonial will stand out among other content and will add appeal to the monotonous rhythm.

A quote or note is always a good tool for changing the rhythm of a long text.


It’s the same with lists. They can make various long text or act as independent interface blocks.

The list brings variety to the content.


Just don’t go overboard. This is especially true for long reads. Users have come to read the text and don’t like to be interrupted by animated callouts or quotes that take all their attention. It gets in the way of reading; here, variety and rhythm disruption play a destructive role. Everything has to be in balance and with adequate contrast.

Too much variety. On the left, the callout seems to be an advertisement; on the right, the quote is too highlighted and contrasted, which makes no sense and breaks up the smooth reading.


Adding variety to the design is about the whole layout and the details in the content. Small text columns with features are always more interesting than brick text.

Adding little details to the text makes it more vivid and interesting.


You can make any text attractive in different ways and small details, including those in cards, in snippets of news articles, or description texts on dashboards. Such little things draw attention to a piece of text and make users want to read it with more desire.