2021 Portfolio

12 Weeks

Spring semester is about getting your portfolio in the best shape for the jobs you want. If you're not sure exactly what your portfolio should consist of, check out this reading we put together.

Part of that will mean helping you decide what projects to put in it, how to describe projects, how to structure your website — basically, making sure the actual portfolio site is as polished as possible. To do this, we'll have to know what kind of jobs you're aiming for.

The other part will mean working on content that fills gaps in your portfolio. This can look like one of three things:

  1. You can propose a project to work on for the semester. If you have an idea for a project that you want to address, come with a detailed proposal and timeline. If there's a particular technology or technique you want to improve on, think of problems
  2. You can propose revising 2 or more existing projects, that you think you should improve on to make your portfolio shine. You need to propose a specific plan for these projects — what will you improve on? The visual design, the presentation of the project, the implementation of the project?
  3. If nothing comes to mind for the first two options, Barron & Carolyn can give you a prompt based on the jobs you're most interested in.

Over break, if you'd like, you can start thinking about these options.