TV series about startup failures

This series exposes the negative consequences of flawed business models and the unethical behaviors of some startup founders, shedding light on the challenges that entrepreneurs face in the startup ecosystem and highlighting the importance of ethical leadership and sustainability in business.

The Dropout

Documents the disgraced biotechnology company Theranos and its founder, Elizabeth Holmes. At 19, after dropping out of Stanford, she claimed to revolutionize laboratories through blood tests that could be performed rapidly while using tiny amounts of blood.

Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber

The TV series documents Uber’s founder Travis Kalanick‘s rise and fall, the corruption in his empire, and the myriad of scandals, including allegations of data privacy scandals, workplace discrimination, and sexual harassment. It also captures the arrogance of the company executives very well.


Documents the greed-filled rise and inevitable fall of WeWork, a coworking space company and one of the world’s most valuable startups whose valuation reached $47 billion in 2019 before crashing due to financial revelations.

Here is to the crazy ones that change the world.

General Magic

After watching all this greed and fraud in modern startups with unrealistic valuations and investments, I can’t help but think of General Magic and extraordinary people in the 90s with a passion for inventing the future by making products and creating amazing things.

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