Line length

Line length matters in all interfaces where captions or text contain several words. Typically 60 to 80 characters per line are the ideal line length for text in English for any UI. Texts on a long line are tiring to…

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Line spacing

Line spacing is the distance between the baseline of one line and the other line. Well-adjusted line spacing makes texts readable and scannable. This means that your interface will be attractive to users so that they will spend more time…

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Body text

Body text determines how easy it will be to read the information on your interface. Body text sets the design look because the text takes up the most space in many interfaces. The design quality can directly depend on how…

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Pairing fonts

Combining several fonts in a design helps make it extraordinarily expressive and creates a unique impression of typography. From a practical point of view, the pairing fonts make it possible to better separate the primary from the secondary, which means…

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Choosing typefaces

Typeface helps to create the style and look of your design. It creates an impression and emotion, revealing the purpose of your project. The proper choice of typeface determines readability and the user’s perception of the interface in the first…

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Three decisions

You’ll need to make three decisions when you create design and typography for a new project. What font the main text will have? What font will be in the headings? Whether there will be a particular font for accents in…

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Font types

There are many types and classifications of fonts. Each of them has its history and origin. We are interested in those types of typefaces that work in user interface design, and there are several: Serif, Sans, Slab, and Mono. All…

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Typeface vs font

A typeface is a style set of letters, numbers, and characters in a similar design. A font is a file with an individual style of a typeface. ‘Inter’ is a typeface. ‘InterBold.ttf’ or ‘InterItalic.ttf’ are fonts. It is always more…

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Usually, if the text and the overall interface have a good design, users don’t pay much attention to it. They scan or read the information and get what they need. The website visitors do not notice the font used in…

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Typography is something bigger than just a design technique. A Canadian typographer, Robert Bringhurst, in his book The Elements of Typographic Style defines typography as the craft of endowing human language with a durable visual form. In addition, typography transforms language into a decorative visual element.
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